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Why Atyrau?

The town of Atyrau is located in a rigorous but in its own way wonderful part of Planet Earth, in the Caspian Coastal Plain, in estuary of the inflow of the Ural River into the Caspian Sea. Geographically Atyrau is situated in West Kazakhstan, and it has the status of a region. Today Atyrau – is the main hydrocarbonaceous region of Kazakhstan, the largest center of oil-and-gas recovery, a perspective investment market.

Today the relationship with more than 50 states was forged in the region, 55 organizations with the participation of foreign capital work here. The basis of the industrial capacity is formed by Oil & Oil refining industries organizations, such as JSC "TengizShevrOil", Atyrau Oil Refinery and JSC "KazakhOil-Emba" (in April, 20, 1999 JSC "EmbaMunayGas" and "TengizMunayGas" were merged into JSC "KazakhOil-Emba"). Oil and gas pipelines, geophysical, drilling and scientific organizations work in the region. There is considerable base of institutes for scientific research and education that specialize in oil industry.

Four oil & gas production departments are engaged in the extraction of oil: "Hairnet", "Dissonant", "MakatNeft", "KaynarMunayGas".

Foreign specialists call the region a pearl of the oil country, rewarding it for the advantageous geographical location, natural resources, estimated at 10 - 15 billion tons of oil and 4,3 trillion m3 of gas.

According to the prognosis calculations and development strategy of Atyrau region the oil extraction should reach 65 million tons a year by 2010, by the year 2030 this figure will increase up to 74-75 million tons. Of course, for increasing of production to such extent substantial investments will be needed. According to the minimal calculation still there is a need to attract and to adopt about 130 billion dollars.

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