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Oil and Gas Industry Equipment


Inflow radial turbines or "turboexpanders" are in operation for refrigeration and energy recovery in petrochemical plants, hydrocarbon separation plants, etc., as well as in gas processing industry. Turboexpanders can also be used for energy recovery during industrial gas transportation through pipelines. Due to increase in economic demand on global markets it is highly important to construct and design turboexpanders with maximum efficiency and safety factors

Gas separators

Gas separators are gas scrubbing units applicable for purifying gas and gas-condensate wells vapor from condensed droplets, hydrocarbon, solids or other impurities present. The impurities hamper gas transportation and lead to pipeline corrosion, obstruction (full or partial) of gas wells and field equipment due to formation of hydrate or ice cork. Application of gas separators is an effective solution to these problems, increasing economic efficiency of natural gas production systems.

Oil-associated gas generators

Lately there is a steady tendency among oil & gas companies to pay special attention to the problem of oil-associated gas recovery. At the same time a lot of emphasis is put on the improvement of energy-generating sector of the business. Many enterprises are already successfully operating gas generator power stations at their oil/gas fields. Gas producing companies have large remnant stocks of low-pressure gas not suitable for export, but ideal for energy and heat recovery. Small-scale energy generation branch is developing rapidly all over the world, offering new technology and equipment.

One of the most modern ways to produce energy that can take its well-deserved place in the spectrum of energy-generating solutions for oil and gas industry is energy and heat production by microturbine generators utilizing natural, oil-associated gas and other fuels.

Commercial gas-metering station

Automated metering complex provides solutions for quality control and monitoring the amount of natural gas throughout all stages of its transportation and consumption. Application of high-precision gauges with guaranteed optimal conditions for their best performance minimizes inaccuracies in characteristic measurement of gas stream under control. The metering complex is supplied in form of separate container modules complete with necessary equipment skid-mounted and setup at manufacturer works. Module structure helps reduce time and costs of installation/start-up operations on site, simplifies and cuts down the scope of design works.

Module structure helps reduce time and costs of installation/start-up operations on site, simplifies and cuts down the scope of design works.

Mini-oil refineries

Traditionally large-scale refineries are used in oil industry; these plants are supplied with raw oil or natural gas liquids through pipework or by tank cisterns. However, most new hydrocarbon fields all over the world are discovered in areas with very poorly-developed or limited transportation and processing infrastructure, sometimes missing as such at all. That is why manufacturers are compelled to choose between the following options:

  • either to develop costly infrastructure for transportation of hydrocarbons to the refinery plant already at hand, or to build a new refinery close to the oil/gas field, which requires extensive capital investment and is time-consuming.
  • the other variant is to install a high-tech mini-refinery plant offered by our company and launch raw materials processing on site or at any other location of customer’s choice.

State of the art modular refineries with output capacity of 10000 up to 600000 metric tons per annum (200-12000 BD) can produce a wide range of products, including high-octane gasoline, commercial jet fuel, kerosene oil, Arctic and summer diesel oils, furnace oil, asphalt, as well as gas-generated sulphur prills from gases preventing their emissions into the atmosphere.

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Complex analyzers for commercial oil products

Analyzers are intended for commercial oil brand identification and overall quality assessment (a special emphasis should be put on the fact that analyzers are suitable not only for light oil-products, but for oils etc.). The complex analyzing unit guarantees reliable oil product grouping and sub-grouping, its brand identification, quality assessment and in some cases determination of its origins.

The capabilities of such analyzers include but are not limited to:

  • matching of implemented oil product brand with the brand indicated in associated documentation;
  • calculation of quality indexes for identified oil products;
  • matching of implemented oil product origin with data indicated in associated documentation;
  • complete supervision of oil products sales to local customers;
  • inspection of raw materials incoming for further processing.

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