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Light hydrocarbons recovery systems (VRU)

One of potentially productive engineering tasks the company is now dealing with is the adaptation and application of hydrocarbons light ends recovery systems at stock tanks, railway and motorway load racks.

Nowadays there are a lot of such units with various construction design and operating principles. But nevertheless the question of creating a possibility to reduce the emissions of oil products vapours when storing them at petroleum storage depots and at pouring at load rack in each particular case remains open. Basic scheme of system operation of hydrocarbons light ends recovery systems can be illustrated as follows:

The advantages of using hydrocarbons light ends recovery systems: Such systems allow to eliminate the losses of hydrocarbons light ends from the tanks almost completely; they allow to reduce fire and explosion risk considerably; to maintain the properties of oil products; to get additional profit.

Hydrocarbons light ends recovery systems used in oil supplying can be divided according to the following principles:
according to the operation characteristics
type of "protective gas"
type of hydrocarbons separation
type of accumulation storage and releasing of vapour-gas mixture.

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Examples of process location of hydrocarbons light ends recovery systems

Company ENCE GmbH offers technological schemes and hydrocarbons light ends recovery systems equipment for tank batteries, railway and motorway load racks and etc.

Process chart of the plant operation

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