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Supply equipment

We have a number of cooperation agreements and are willing to supply our customers with the following equipment on tender terms:

Chemical Industry, Oil-and-Gas Industry

1. Centrifugal pumps

Центробежные насосы

Corrosion-resistant centrifugal pumps of various types and designs, with flow rate max. 8000 m³/hr and operation pressure max. 160 bar:

  • Volute-body pumps
  • Multi-stage pumps with max. pressure 160 bar
  • Vertical pumps
  • Self-priming pumps
  • Pumps for solid-containing liquids
  • Propeller pumps
  • Hermetic pumps with magnetic clutches

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Центробежные насосы Центробежные насосы Центробежные насосы

2. Sundstrand Corporation/USA, France

gas compressors
gas compressors

2.1. High-speed gas compressors
Flow rate: max. 17000 Nm³/hr
Max. operation pressure: max. 100 bar
Rotor speed: max. 50000 rpm

2.2. Single-stage high-pressure high-speed centrifugal pumps
Flow rate: max. 250m³/hr
Operation pressure: max. 100 bar

3. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd/Japan

High-pressure piston pumps

High-pressure piston pumps
Flow rate: 2 – 400 l/min
Operation pressure: 160 – 500 bar

4. Shin Nippon Machinery Co Ltd/ Japan

Corrosion-resistant centrifugal pumps
Corrosion-resistant centrifugal pumps

4.1. Steam turbines
Max. steam operation pressure: max. 67 bar
Max. temperature: max. 540 °C
Max. output: 50000 kW

4.2. Corrosion-resistant centrifugal pumps
(vertical, horizontal)
Flow rate: max. 11320 m³/hr
Operation pressure: max. 420 bar

5. Heat exchangers

5.1. Heat exchangers, tubes from special steels

Heat exchangers
Heat exchangers

5.2. Maximum characteristics of heat exchangers are as follows:
Diameter: 5,5 m
Length: 60 m
Weight: 250 t
Pressure: max. 500 bar
Ambient temperature: -200…+650 °C
Wall thickness: 80-90 mm

6. High pressure pumps WOMA / Germany

High- and ultrahigh-pressure plants for:

  • High-pressure water jet equipment;
  • Water hydraulics;
  • Generating pressure in industrial conditions;
  • High-pressure transportation equipment;
  • Units for industrial equipment cleaning: heat exchangers, tubes, clinkers etc..

Operation pressure: 3500 bar
Flow rate: max. 3070 l/min.

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7. Controlling and measuring equipment, automation Yamatake/ Japan

Controlling and measuring equipment Controlling and measuring equipment
  • Smart pressure sensors
  • Photoelectric sensors
  • Flow sensors
  • Moisture and temperature sensors
  • Manometers
  • Electromagnetic flowmeters
  • Converters
  • Detectors
  • Controllers
  • Control valves and positioners

8. A wide range of refractory furnace lining materials for: Thermal Ceramics Italy

refractory furnace lining materials
  • Oil & gas industry;
  • Chemical industry;
  • Oil-and-gas refining industry ;
  • Power stations ;
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Cement industry;
  • Incineration works

9. Shutoff, control, safety and check valves FPK / Germany

Wedge gate valves

9.1.Wedge gate valves

DN 2"-12", 600lbs
Design: API600 / ANSI B 16.34
FTF:ANSI B 16.10
Flange coupling: ANSI B 16.5
Housing: A 216 WCB

Shutoff valves

9.2. Shutoff valves

DN 2"-12", 600lbs
Design: ANSI B 16.34 / BS1873
FTF:ANSI B 16.10
Flange coupling: ANSI B 16.5
Housing: A 216 WCB

9.3. Check valves

Check valves

DN 2"-12", 600lbs
Design: ANSI B 16.34 / API 6D - BS1868
FTF:ANSI B 16.10
Flange coupling: ANSI B 16.5
Housing: A 216 WCB
Shaft: F6

Control valves

9.4. Control valves

DN 2"-12", 600lbs

Globe valves

9.5. Globe valves

DN 15-200, PN 4-40

Safety valves

9.6. Safety valves

DN 15-200, PN 16-160

9.7. Butterfly valves

DN 200-600, PN 6-16

Valve gates

9.8. Valve gates

DN 15-300, PN 10-16

3-way cocks

9.9. 2-, 3-way cocks

DN 10-50, PN 6-20

10. Shutoff and control valves for power stations

DN 65-400, PN 63-400, Т up to 550°C
Various materials

Shutoff and control valves

11. Сhronos Richardson / England

Automatic bagging lines and separate equipment for bagging bulk materials (paper sacks, big-bags).

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Mining industry

12. Equipment and componentry for mining industry

Equipment and componentry for mining industry
Equipment and componentry for mining industry
Equipment and componentry for mining industry
Equipment and componentry for mining industry
Equipment and componentry for mining industry
Equipment and componentry for mining industry

12.1 Hydrocyclones of O 70mm-1450 mm, hydrocyclone systems including pulp distributors, overflow and underflow tanks. Materials: polyurethane, steel casting, rubber-lined plastics (rubber thickness 15 and 25 mm), silicon carbide. More information

12.2 Fiberglass products Wear- and corrosion-resistant fiberglass floor gratings.
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12.3. Centrifuges and gravity-feed spiral concentrators.

12.4. Rotors and stators for flotation machines of various manufacturers.

12.5. Rubber mill linings, rubber panels and other elements.
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12.6. Ceramic products: ceramic impellers, hydrocyclone nozzles, pipes and pipe-bends.

12.7. Rubber and rubber-ceramic wear-resistant linings.
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12.8. Anti-adhesion linings for bulk material bunkers.
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12.9. Ore sampling equipment, conveyor- and pulp-based.
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13. Pumps for beneficiation industry and various waste products transit

Насосы для обогатительной промышленности

13.1. Horizontal quick-disconnect pumps for abrasive slurry transit, with removable hard metal/elastomer/polyurethane/alloy lining.
Flow rate: Q=15m³/hr - 8000 m³/hr
Head: Н= up to 80 m

13.2. Vertical pumps for abrasive slurry transit.
Flow rate: Q=13m³/hr - 140 m³/hr
Head: max. 35 m

13.3. Submersible slurry pumps for transit of dense slurries with solids content values up to 65% by weight.
Depth of submergence: max. 28 m
Solids size: max. 70 mm
Motor power: 30-90 kW
Flow rate: max. 600 m³/hr
Max. head: 10-60 m

13.4. Pumps for gravel transit Solids content: max. 65 %
Flow rate: 540 m³/hr
Max. head: 70 m

13.5. Ejector pumps

13.6. Peristaltic pumps
Flow rate 0,01 – 80 m³/hr
Differential pressure: max. 16 bar
Generates negative pressure at the suction end for pumping liquids with depth differential of 9,5 m.

13.7. Diaphragm pumps
Flow rate: max. 50 m³/hr
Discharge pressure: max. 6,9 bar

13.8. Portable pumps for pumping water with slush, sand and other admixtures; using rechargeable 12 V batteries
Pump weight: 15-26 kg
Particle size: max. 38 mm
Pressure: max. 2 bar
Flow rate: 0,16 – 1,14 m³

14. Slurry valves / South Africa

Slurry valves Slurry valves Slurry valves

Slurry blade flat gate valves
DN 50-1500 мм
PN 6-16 бар

15. Ore-picking equipment for on-conveyor ore separation by the following techniques

Ore-picking equipment
  • Optional color method
  • Radiometric method
  • Electromagnetic method
  • Roentgen-ultraviolet-luminescent method
  • Microwave method
  • Radio-resonance method

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16. Complex units for the following industries:

  • chemical and oil-and-gas refining
  • gas-and-oil producing
  • mining and concentration

17. Offshore platform equipment

The company ENCE develops engineering projects of equipment selection for drilling and oil-and-gas production offshore platforms and barges. The company works out, supplies, supervises, and runs after-sales service for the offshore equipment stated below:

  • pumping well oxidation modules;
  • pumping modules for flexible pipe cleaning and pressuring;
  • oil pumping modules on tankers;
  • triethylene glycol pumping modules for gas dehydration plant;
  • pumping modules for contaminant and CO2 pumping/return into the well;
  • methanol pumping modules;
  • compressors, heat exchangers, turbo expanders of gas processing modules.

18. High pressure pumps

  • reservoir pressure maintenance pump systems;
  • fireless pipe cutting plants;
  • machines for cutting of sheets of different materials (metals, polymers, granites)

Metallurgical equipment

We are working on complex projects and separate deliveries of equipment from major European manufacturers:

Metallurgical equipment
  • Sundwig GmbH (Germany),
  • SKET Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH (Germany),
  • Friedricc Kox (Germany),
  • Waldner AG (Germany),
  • Struers GmbH (Switzerland),
  • Herzog Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co (Germany),
  • Marz Ofenbau AG (Austria),
  • Rodiger AG (Switzerland),
  • Ishigaki (Japan).

Among other things, ENCE GmbH can supply the following equipment:

  • Refractory insulation materials for smelting and heating furnaces, refractory coating and lining for ladles and chutes for ferrous and non-ferrous smelts;
  • Cold- and hot-rolling mills, including section, drawbench, tube mills etc.;
  • Stove-baskets of various configurations;
  • Pneumatic conveying systems, assorted main and ancillary equipment for ventilation systems;
  • Vacuumizers and continuous casting machines;
  • Adjusting and packing equipment;
  • Laboratory apparatuses and other ancillary equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy.
Metallurgical equipment

Other equipment and spare parts

Motors and motor drums

Along with this we supply other equipment and spare parts:

  • Locking and regulating fixtures of various types
  • Spare parts and componentry for road building equipment
  • Hydraulic systems, keys and cylinders
  • Materials handling equipment and spare parts
  • Reducing gears and motor-reductors
  • Motors and motor drums
  • Conveyor equipment
  • Conveyor belts and bearings
  • Vacuum filters
  • Screens for dry and wet separation, spare parts
  • Other equipment

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