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Supply equipment

We have a number of cooperation agreements and are willing to supply our customers with the following equipment on tender terms:

Chemical Industry, Oil-and-Gas Industry

1. Centrifugal pumps

Corrosion-resistant centrifugal pumps of various types and designs, with flow rate max. 8000 m³/hr and operation pressure max. 160 bar:

  • Volute-body pumps
  • Multi-stage pumps with max. pressure 160 bar
  • Vertical pumps
  • Self-priming pumps
  • Pumps for solid-containing liquids
  • Propeller pumps
  • Hermetic pumps with magnetic clutches

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2. SUNDSTRAND Corporation/USA, France

2.1. High-speed gas compressors
Flow rate: max. 17000 Nm³/hr
Max. operation pressure: max. 100 bar
Rotor speed: max. 50000 rpm

2.2. Single-stage high-pressure high-speed centrifugal pumps
Flow rate: max. 250m³/hr
Operation pressure: max. 100 bar

3. MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries Ltd/ Japan

High-pressure piston pumps
Flow rate: 2 – 400 l/min
Operation pressure: 160 – 500 bar


4.1. Steam turbines
Max. steam operation pressure: max. 67 bar
Max. temperature: max. 540 °C
Max. output: 50000 kW

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4.2. Corrosion-resistant centrifugal pumps
(vertical, horizontal)
Flow rate: max. 11320 m³/hr
Operation pressure: max. 420 bar

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5. Heat exchangers

5.1. Heat exchangers, tubes from special steels

5.2. Maximum characteristics of heat exchangers are as follows:
· Diameter: 5,5 m
· Length: 60 m
· Weight: 250 t
· Pressure: max. 500 bar
· Ambient temperature: -200…+650 °C
· Wall thickness: 80-90 mm

6. High pressure pumps WOMA / Germany
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High- and ultrahigh-pressure plants for:

  • High-pressure water jet equipment;
  • Water hydraulics;
  • Generating pressure in industrial conditions;
  • High-pressure transportation equipment;
  • Units for industrial equipment cleaning: heat exchangers, tubes, clinkers etc..

Operation pressure: 3500 bar
Flow rate: max. 3070 l/min.

7. Controlling and measuring equipment, automation Yamatake/ Japan

  • Smart pressure sensors
  • Photoelectric sensors
  • Flow sensors
  • Moisture and temperature sensors
  • Manometers
  • Electromagnetic flowmeters
  • Converters
  • Detectors
  • Controllers
  • Control valves and positioners

8. A wide range of refractory furnace lining materials for: Thermal Ceramics Italy

  • Oil & gas industry;
  • Chemical industry;
  • Oil-and-gas refining industry ;
  • Power stations ;
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Cement industry;
  • Incineration works

9. Shutoff, control, safety and check valves FPK / Germany

9.1.Wedge gate valves

DN 2"-12", 600lbs
Design: API600 / ANSI B 16.34
FTF:ANSI B 16.10
Flange coupling: ANSI B 16.5
Housing: A 216 WCB

9.2. Shutoff valves

DN 2"-12", 600lbs
Design: ANSI B 16.34 / BS1873
FTF:ANSI B 16.10
Flange coupling: ANSI B 16.5
Housing: A 216 WCB

9.3. Check valves

DN 2"-12", 600lbs
Design: ANSI B 16.34 / API 6D - BS1868
FTF:ANSI B 16.10
Flange coupling: ANSI B 16.5
Housing: A 216 WCB
Shaft: F6

9.4. Control valves

DN 2"-12", 600lbs

9.5. Globe valves

DN 15-200, PN 4-40

9.6. Safety valves

DN 15-200, PN 16-160

9.7. Butterfly valves

DN 200-600, PN 6-16

9.8. Valve gates

DN 15-300, PN 10-16

9.9. 2-, 3-way cocks

DN 10-50, PN 6-20

10. Shutoff and control valves for power stations

DN 65-400, PN 63-400, Т up to 550 C o
Various materials


Automatic bagging lines and separate equipment for bagging bulk materials (paper sacks, big-bags).

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Mining industry

12. Equipment and componentry for mining industry:

12.1 Hydrocyclones of O 70mm-1450 mm, hydrocyclone systems including pulp distributors, overflow and underflow tanks. Materials: polyurethane, steel casting, rubber-lined plastics (rubber thickness 15 and 25 mm), silicon carbide. More information

12.2 Fiberglass products Wear- and corrosion-resistant fiberglass floor gratings.
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12.3. Centrifuges and gravity-feed spiral concentrators.

12.4. Rotors and stators for flotation machines of various manufacturers.

12.5. Rubber mill linings, rubber panels and other elements.
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12.6. Ceramic products: ceramic impellers, hydrocyclone nozzles, pipes and pipe-bends.

12.7. Rubber and rubber-ceramic wear-resistant linings.
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12.8. Anti-adhesion linings for bulk material bunkers.
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12.9. Ore sampling equipment, conveyor- and pulp-based.
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13. Pumps for beneficiation industry and various waste products transit:

13.1. Horizontal quick-disconnect pumps for abrasive slurry transit, with removable hard metal/elastomer/polyurethane/alloy lining.
Flow rate: Q=15m3/hr - 8000 m3/hr
Head: Н= up to 80 m

13.2. Vertical pumps for abrasive slurry transit.
Flow rate: Q=13m3/hr - 140 m3/hr
Head: max. 35 m

13.3. Submersible slurry pumps for transit of dense slurries with solids content values up to 65% by weight.
Depth of submergence: max. 28 m
Solids size: max. 70 mm
Motor power: 30-90 kW
Flow rate: max. 600 m3/hr
Max. head: 10-60 m

13.4. Pumps for gravel transit Solids content: max. 65 %
Flow rate: 540 m3/hr
Max. head: 70 m

13.5. Ejector pumps

13.6. Peristaltic pumps
Flow rate 0,01 – 80 m3/hr
Differential pressure: max. 16 bar
Generates negative pressure at the suction end for pumping liquids with depth differential of 9,5 m.

13.7. Diaphragm pumps
Flow rate: max. 50 m3/hr
Discharge pressure: max. 6,9 bar

13.8. Portable pumps for pumping water with slush, sand and other admixtures; using rechargeable 12 V batteries
Pump weight: 15-26 kg
Particle size: max. 38 mm
Pressure: max. 2 bar
Flow rate: 0,16 – 1,14 m3

14. Slurry valves / South Africa

Slurry blade flat gate valves
DN 50-1500 мм
PN 6-16 бар

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15. Ore-picking equipment for on-conveyor ore separation by the following techniques:

  • Optional color method
  • Radiometric method
  • Electromagnetic method
  • Roentgen-ultraviolet-luminescent method
  • Microwave method
  • Radio-resonance method

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16. Complex units for the following industries:

  • chemical and oil-and-gas refining
  • gas-and-oil producing
  • mining and concentration

17. Offshore platform equipment

The company ENCE develops engineering projects of equipment selection for drilling and oil-and-gas production offshore platforms and barges. The company works out, supplies, supervises, and runs after-sales service for the offshore equipment stated below:

  • pumping well oxidation modules;
  • pumping modules for flexible pipe cleaning and pressuring;
  • oil pumping modules on tankers;
  • triethylene glycol pumping modules for gas dehydration plant;
  • pumping modules for contaminant and CO2 pumping/return into the well;
  • methanol pumping modules;
  • compressors, heat exchangers, turbo expanders of gas processing modules.

18. High pressure pumps

  • reservoir pressure maintenance pump systems;
  • fireless pipe cutting plants;
  • machines for cutting of sheets of different materials (metals, polymers, granites)

3. Metallurgical equipment

We are working on complex projects and separate deliveries of equipment from major European manufacturers:

  • Sundwig GmbH (Germany),
  • SKET Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH (Germany),
  • Friedricc Kox (Germany),
  • Waldner AG (Germany),
  • Struers GmbH (Switzerland),
  • Herzog Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co (Germany),
  • Marz Ofenbau AG (Austria),
  • Rodiger AG (Switzerland),
  • Ishigaki (Japan).

Among other things, ENCE GmbH can supply the following equipment:

  • Refractory insulation materials for smelting and heating furnaces, refractory coating and lining for ladles and chutes for ferrous and non-ferrous smelts;
  • Cold- and hot-rolling mills, including section, drawbench, tube mills etc.;
  • Stove-baskets of various configurations;
  • Pneumatic conveying systems, assorted main and ancillary equipment for ventilation systems;
  • Vacuumizers and continuous casting machines;
  • Adjusting and packing equipment;
  • Laboratory apparatuses and other ancillary equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy.

Along with this we supply other equipment and spare parts:

  • Locking and regulating fixtures of various types
  • Spare parts and componentry for road building equipment
  • Hydraulic systems, keys and cylinders
  • Materials handling equipment and spare parts
  • Reducing gears and motor-reductors
  • Motors and motor drums
  • Conveyor equipment
  • Conveyor belts and bearings
  • Vacuum filters
  • Screens for dry and wet separation, spare parts
  • Other equipment

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