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The employees of our representative office together with the representatives of the manufacturing plants are making presentations concerning the current problems of our Customers and illustrating recent developments in equipment and materials.

Sundyne (France) Presentation

On September, 28-30, 2004, our company together with our long term partner company Sundstrand International S. A. organized technical interchange meeting on the application of high-speed centrifugal pump series LMV for maintenance of reservoir pressure at oil and gas fields.

The meeting was organized on the initiative of Kazakh oil production enterprise "Embamunaygaz", who kindly offered their facilities for accommodation of the specialists arrived as well as their conference room.

More than 40 specialists, representing 9 oil production enterprises took part in the meeting.

From company Sundstrand International S.A. there were following people participating: Mr. Lee, Regional Manager (UK), Mr. Giyom, Design Engineer (France) and Mr. Filaleev, Director of Sundstrand International S.A. Moscow office. At the beginning of the meeting an overview of the pumps series LMV manufactured by Sundstrand International S.A. at plants in the USA, France, the UK and Japan was made. Further some questions about correct preparing of technical specifications for manufacturing of pumps was discussed. Some other questions concerning the choice of mechanical seals and demands to their operation were covered.

Exhibition "KIOGE 2007"

On October, 2-5, 2007 our company together with German company WEPUKO took part in jubilee Kazakh international exhibition “Oil and Gas” “KIOGE 2007” in the town of Almaty.

Company ENCE GmbH is an official partner of company WEPUKO in the countries of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. At the common stand there were samples of different pumps (various types and shapes) and other equipment shown. All of them meet the requirements and needs of various branches of industry.

The products of the German company are known to many plants in the CIS countries since the times of the Soviet Union and prove to be exceptionally reliable and durable. The visitors showed the great interest in the pumps for pumping of clean and aggressive fluids, with the possibility of special material design.

There were representatives of different large Kazakh enterprises from oil and gas, mining and energy industries present at the exhibition. They showed their interest in the equipment supplied.

Exhibition "Power Kazakhstan 2007"

On October, 30 – November, 1, 2007 The 6th international Exhibition "Power Kazakhstan 2007” took place in Almaty. Different types of products were presented at the Exhibition, such as cables, power equipment, ventilation systems, equipment for power transmission lines and etc.

The visitors of the exhibition showed their special interest in power valves and accessories presented by the partner of ENCE GmbH – Czech company Mostro. Although there were many participants at the exhibition (more than 100 companies from 13 countries) such type of equipment was presented only by one single company.

The products of MOSTRO meet the highest international requirements to power valves and accessories.

At the common display of both companies ENCE GmbH and Mostro the following products were also exhibited: lining materials, pumping equipment and other equipment used in heat and power engineering.

Presentation of power valves and accessories MOSTRO at company AO AlES (Almaty)

At Exhibition "Power Kazakhstan 2007" that took place on October, 30 – November, 1, 2007 there was great interest shown in power valves and accessories for thermal power station supplied by Czech company Mostro. For more detailed information about technical characteristics and conditions of exchangeability with Russian valves supplied by Plant in Chekhov a special presentation was made together by companies Mostro and ENCE GmbH on November, 2, 2007 at technical meeting at company AO AlES (Almaty power plants). This company units 3 thermal power stations in Almaty, with total output of 1200 million kW.

There were leaders of the main structural units of AO AlEs present at the meeting. The presentation was of great interest for all the participants. A lot of questions about comparable characteristics and pricing as well as the main identifying characteristics of the offered products were made.

After the end of the technical meeting a special opinion was announced that the products of company Mostro will find wide application in power generating complex not only at AO AlEs but also at other power plants in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The presentation of company CPI (The UK)

In 2007 a common presentation together with the representative of company CPI, a well known supplier of valves and polymer materials, was organized at the territory of TSHO. All the representatives of the leading oil production enterprise in Kazakhstan were invited. During the negotiations the agreement about cooperation was achieved.

The Presentation of company WOMA (Germany)

On May 28-29, 2008 our employees made a presentation in Atirau together with the representatives of company Woma Austria, a well known manufacturer of water jet high pressure systems. The representatives of the following companies were invited to the presentation: KazTrans Oil, Atirauskay Thermal Power Station, Standart Gaz, TOO SP Matin, Embamunaygaz, Sazankurak, Refinery Atirauskiy NPZ, Tobearal Oil and many others.

During the presentation current problems concerning industrial cleaning, service and disinfection were discussed. The products of Woma aroused great interest and during the negotiation some enquires for equipment were received. It also turned out that Woma equipment has been operated successfully at the plant in the Republic of Kazakhstan for many years.

After the general presentation was over due to the big interest in Woma products shown by Atirauskiy NPZ refinery a separate presentation for the employees of ANPZ was made at their plant.

Our company is always ready to widen cooperation with the manufacturers of various equipment and to offer its services for equipment maintenance and support.

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