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Our customers (Atyrau)

Over the years, ENCE GmbH Kazakhstan Representative Office has established close partnership relations with numerous industrial enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

These include:

  • TOO "Atyrau NPZ" Atyrau
  • TOO "Atyraumunaygasgeology", Atyrau
  • SP ZАО "Matin", Atyrau
  • TOO "Svetland-Oil" Atyrau
  • TOO "Tengisshevroil" Atyrau
  • Company "Agip KCO" Atyrau
  • AO "Caspi neft " Atyrau
  • TOO "Toberal Oil" Atyrau
  • TOO "OilLeroy" Atyrau
  • TOO "KarakudukMunay" Atyrau
  • TOO "Aday Petroleum Company" Atyrau
  • TOO "JigerMunayService" Atyrau
  • AO "KazMunayGas"
  • AO "KazTransOil" Atyrau
  • AO "KazTransGas" Atyrau
  • AO "CNPC AktubeMunayGas" Aktobe
  • PF "OzenMunayGas" Aktau
  • AO "Caspian pipeline consortium" Atyrau
  • PF "Embamunaygas" Atyrau
  • TOO "Gyural" Atyrau
  • TOO "KazMunayGas - drilling" Aktau
  • SP "Sazankurak" Atyrau
  • GKP "Atyrauvodokanal" Atyrau
  • TOO "Atyrau Su-Arnasi" Atyrau
  • Western affiliate "KEGOK" Atyrau
  • AO "Atyrau-jarik" Atyrau
  • AO "Mangistauskaya distributing electronetwork company" Aktau
  • TOO "Mangistauenergomunay" Aktau
  • GKP "Aktau electric network management" Aktau
  • "КОR" Kzil-Orda city
  • AO "Turgay Petroleum" Kzil-Orda
  • SP "Kazgermunay" Kzil-Orda
  • "Petro Kazakhstan Kumkol Resources" Kzil-Orda
  • AO "CNPC I-Dan Munay" Kzil-Orda
  • AO "Kaskormashsavod" Aktau
  • TOO "Caspian Sea region machine-building complex" Aktau
  • Corporation "Basis-A" Atyrau
  • AO "KasBurGas" Aksay city, Uralsk
  • "Karachaganak Petroleum Operating BV" Uralsk
  • TOO "Jayikmunay" Uralsk
  • TOO SP "Stepnoy Leopard" Uralsk
  • TOO "Karazhanbas Munay", Aktau
  • TOO "Mangistau Munay Gaz" Aktau
  • TOO "KazAzot", Aktau

Representative Office staff have successfully managed the selection of coke cooler for Atyrau NPZ oil refinery, supplied gas separator filters, complex lab equipment for the refinery laboratory and a horizontal multistage pumping unit. Preliminary negotiations have been completed regarding compressor and pump equipment deliveries for the benzene unit. Negotiations regarding belt weight feeder supply are under way. Now being processed is the equipment purchase enquiry for ISKER Consortium, a civil engineering contractor, to supply equipment for Atyrau-based tubulars manufacturer AZTU.

Atyrau Thermal Power Plant has shown interest in purchasing spare parts for WOMA high-pressure unit.

Oil producer TOO SP "KazGerMunay" has purchased formation pressure maintenance centrifugal pumps.

German-made horizontal centrifugal multistage pumps for corrosive formation water have been delivered to the oil producer TOO "Caspi neft".

A reservoir pressure maintenance unit and oil tank cleaning equipment have been delivered to TOO "Matin" (oil producer).

Our staff work in close cooperation with KaspiyMunayGas R&D institute and Atyrau-based ISKER.

ENCE GmbH is looking forward to wider cooperation with major businesses engaged in new production capacity construction and comprehensive upgrading of existing capacity.

Please contact us at or (Attn. ENCE GmbH management) with your suggestions on cooperation in the region and inquiries about equipment procurement and servicing.

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