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Our customers (Almaty)

Over the years, ENCE GmbH Kazakhstan Representative Office has established close partnership relations with numerous industrial enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  1. JSC PK "Yuzhpolimetal"
  4. TOO "KazVernal"
  5. TOO "Kentauenergo"
  6. TOO "ShalkiyaZinc" Ltd.
  7. TOO "Bulat"
  8. TOO "Kaztsingtekh"
  9. JV "SMCC" LLP (JV "Betpak Dala" LLP)
  10. TOO "PetroKazakhstan Oil Products"
  11. TOO "BM"
  12. TOO "Munay Ekologia"
  13. TOO "Zhaikmunai"
  14. TOO "KazGPZ"
  15. TOO "EmbaYugNeft"
  16. TOO "Taza Zher Lamor"
  17. TOO "Sauts Oil"
  18. TOO "Firma Ada Oil"
  19. TOO "Kazakhstansko-Kitayskiy Truboprovod"
  21. JSC "ALES"

Our staff signed a contract with JSC PK "Yuzhpolimetal" for delivery and installation supervision of two 12 MW condensing steam turbines. Delivery of 24 MW condensing steam turbine is now under discussion. JSC "ALES" is willing to purchase spare parts for WOMA high pressure unit at Thermal Power Plant 2. The delivery of high-angle belt conveyors for JSC "Kaztsinc" is being negotiated. TOO "Betpak-Dala" has shown interest in purchasing a calciner complete with cooler and gas treatment block. Negotiations with TOO "KazVernal" are underway regarding delivery and installation supervision of lime and PCC plant to Kyzylorda Region. A number of research institutes and engineering companies are being contracted.

ENCE GmbH is looking forward to cooperation with major businesses engaged in new production capacity construction or comprehensive upgrading of existing capacity.

Please contact us at or with your suggestions on cooperation in the region and inquiries about equipment procurement and servicing.

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